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Update: Pride Closes at 9 p.m.; Rye Rye, DDm, Abdu Ali play Current

June 10, 2013

imageIn light of a heated controversy surrounding Baltimore Pride’s Block Party, Matthew Thorn, the executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland (GLCCB) released a statement today about the attempts of Pride Baltimore’s Block Party to appease neighbors who aren’t happy with the raucous event.

Thorn listed four things that would be different this year:

1.Increased security in the event’s foot print

2. Centralization of the alcohol concessions run by the GLCCB, along with more direct control over the identification policies and procedures

3. Increased cleaning for after the Block Party both within the footprint and in some tangential areas

4. Ending the event one hour earlier than in years past, at 9pm, to facilitate improved conditions with regard to traffic, noise, litter and alcohol consumption

Thorn goes on to say, “Unfortunately, many of the areas of concern that were specifically identified by area residents are simply beyond the control of the GLCCB, even at an immaculately run event of this size.  Of particular concern was the parking lot located behind Eddie’s Market, where there were numerous complains [sic]of open containers, public urination and other unfortunate behavior.  With these issues, the problem is truly that the owners of this private lot use the event as a profit maker by renting out spaces for the day, in full knowledge that the people who rent them set up impromptu tailgates and walk over to attend the Block Party periodically.”

But even if Pride’s party ends at 9 p.m., Rye Rye, DDm, Abdu Ali, and more will be playing on the outdoor stage behind Current Space at Howard and Franklin Streets. The police shut the Transmodern concert in the same location down at 11 p.m. in May, but that’s still two hours longer than Pride.

(Photo of Abdu Ali by Rarah)


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