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The Wire Set: Abandoned, but Not Forgotten

January 6, 2009

| Image by Courtesy “Patty Boh”

Tipster Runnykine directed us to a post just put up on a LiveJournal community page called Abandoned Places that captures images of a trove of lost Baltimore cultural trash/treasure: photographs of the former sound stage of The Wire. Posted by “Patty Boh,” the photos depict the litter-strewn interior of the cavernous former suburban retail space adapted to host shooting for the final seasons of the acclaimed Baltimore-based HBO series, including empty desks and mailboxes in the faux Homicide Unit as well as the enormous set for the series’ fictional Baltimore Sun, looking even more bereft than the real Sun‘s offices are these days. According to the notes accompanying the photos, the building has since been reoccupied and at least partially cleaned out, making these shots a likely last look.

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