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The Art of the Weekend

August 10, 2012

J.M. Giordano

Friday, from 5-9pm Station North Arts Cafe hosts the opening of Artists Working. Martha Cooper’s photographs of artists working on the Open Walls mural project will be on display, as well as John Ahearn’s body cast sculptures of Kevin Brown and Bill Maughlin. The opening will also feature a screening of Charlie Ahearn’s hip hop film, Wild Style (1983), and an outdoor party next door with old school jams by DJ Busy Bee.

Just around the corner at the Windup Space, catch a show at 9 with Boister, Dead Whale Ramblers, and The Barnyard Sharks (featuring, for full disclosure, CP interim arts editor Baynard Woods) . Or duck into the Metro Gallery if you have a ticket to see The Dismemberment Plan and Deleted Scenes. While you’re there take a look at the show on display, Queer Is Where the Heart Is, an art exchange between Iceland and the US that explores queerness and how it relates to place.

Also tonight, at Current Space, check out Dope Body, Rapdragons, Dan Ivan, and Curtains. Doors at 7pm. Afterwards head to Floristree for Height With Friends’ record release party, also featuring the tunes of Co La, AK Slaughter, Chakra Con, Which Magic, and Secret Weapon Dave.

If you’re not in the mood for a sweaty music outing, maybe you’d wanna sit back in the AC at the Charles Theater for the latest Revival screening, Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936). Pauline Kael says this rambunctious comedy is about “the social disorders of the 30s, and there are clashes between the unemployed and the police, and a gag about a Communist demonstration, yet it’s one of the happiest and most lighthearted of the Chaplin pictures.”

On Saturday check out Erroneous Tome at Current Space (open 12-4pm). Lou Joseph and Mark Rice address history, cultural redundancy, political shame, apocalypse, and conspiracy through reenactment, cover songs, video footage, and cataloging.

At 6pm Gallery CA presents the opening of American Sugar, a solo exhibition of photographs and sculptures by City Paper contributor J.M. Giordano. The works confront America’s relationship with sugar, sex, and insulin, and aim to reintroduce “pop” to Baltimore’s art. Afterparty at Red Maple with electronic DJ set by Yacine A.

The Walters invites you to come enjoy a drink and snack for the closing of Public Property from 7:30-10. This is your last chance to see the experimental participatory exhibition, so go and chime in on the questions the Walters has posed to its viewers: How can we, the public, effectively work together to make choices about art? What choices will we make? Are they valid? Why or why not? Are you sure?

On Sunday morning, stroll down the grassy median on Park Avenue in Bolton Hill to find a collaborative yard sale with clothing, art supplies, shoes, jewelry, furniture, housewares, and cool shit, starting at 10:30am. At 2pm, the BMA’s Free Family Sundays program offers a free workshop. August’s theme is “Three Kinds of Sculpture,” and this week’s hands-on workshop focuses on abstract sculpture