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Super Artists to Fight for 12 Hours Straight

May 15, 2012

Have you ever been in an art gallery and thought This could use some more action? Well, someone had a similar thought and four years ago founded the Baltimore-based Super Art Fight, a collection of artists who go head to head in competition. The group describes the fights they put on as part Pictionary and part professional wrestling. There isn’t any hitting, but the idea is the same: Two artists go in with a blank canvas and some markers, and only one can win.

Before the beginning of each bout (which can last no longer than 30 minutes) the artists are given a starting topic. They start drawing on the blank board. Every five minutes the group breaks out the “wheel of death,” which they spin to choose a new fan-generated topic. Artists are allowed to attack each other by finishing an incomplete piece or by making additions to it. And the artist with the loudest cheers wins.

On May 19, SAF is holding a 12-hour festival at the Metro Gallery from noon to midnight to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. The festival is going to include fights between veteran SAF artists, as well as live comedy and music from Adam WarRock. Fighters for the next generation will also be selected, pitting eight hopefuls against each other in the Art Fight Idol 2012 Tournament. The winner of the elimination-style battle will become a member of SAF.

The Ulman Cancer Fund works to “support, educate, connect and empower young adult cancer survivors,” according to its site. The show is free and all proceeds from donations will go to the Fund. The show will also be broadcast live online at SAF’s web site.