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Students Snap Shots of Smith Island

November 16, 2011


A new National Geographic Photo Camp exhibit titled “Disappearing Islands,” a collection of photos and multimedia, features the work of 12 girls from the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, who documented the receding islands of the Chesapeake Bay. Four students from VisionWorkshop’s Crossing Borders program, along with local photographers David Helm, Jay Kinghorn and a handful of volunteers, led the camp’s excursion to Smith Island. The photographs examine the make-up of the islands, both natural and artificial. For instance, there is a close range shot of a tree trunk, in contrast with that of a manhole; the patterns the two objects share, however, are nearly indistinguishable.  The exhibit runs at the Walters Art Museum from November 12th-27th, with a public reception on November 20th from 1-3 p.m.

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