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Release Party for Chris Mason’s Hum Who Hiccup Sunday, March 13 at Normal’s

March 11, 2011

Chris Mason has a new book. Repeat: Chris Mason has a new book of poetry, titled Hum Who Hiccup and being put out by local imprint Narrow House. Mason, the local DIY art/music/writing/all-around superhuman decency institution, should need no introduction but for anybody just tuning in: He and Charles Brohawn started the Tinklers in 1979, a DIY performance art duo before “DIY” became as much a marketing tag as a statement of purpose. In the three decades since, the pair has churned out their own universe of music, art, and ideas. They’ve penned books and inspired a documentary, as well as genuine rhapsody.

Mason’s release party for Hum Who Hiccup takes place Sunday, March 13, at Normal’s Books and Records at 3 p.m., and features a reading by Mason and local poet and literary mover/shaker R.M. O’Brien, along with performances by the mighty Tinklers and the sometimes hair-parting not-jazz outfit Microkingdom. (The event costs $4.) On March 16, O’Brien, organizer of the local literary magazine Worms, will welcome Buck Downs, Dave K., Chris Toll, and erstwhile City Paper contributor Rupert Wondolowski for a reading at the Bell Foundry (1539 N. Calvert St.) at 7:45 p.m.

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