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Public-health expert calls proposed e-cig regs a qualified “disaster”

April 25, 2014

Michael-Siegel1-150x150The proposed regulations of electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”), released yesterday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are contained in 241 pages that are being combed through by the large and growing universe of people and players interested in the technology’s future. One, Dr. Michael Siegel (pictured)—a Boston University School of Public Health physician whose has focused on suppressing the prevalence of combusted tobacco use—is seriously worried about the impact the regulations will have, if finalized as proposed.

“All in all,” Siegel writes on his blog, tobaccoanalysis, “the deeming regulations are a disaster. However, they are not as much of a disaster as they could have been.” He adds that “at the end of the day, while there are some positive aspects to these regulations, it is clear that science is not playing much of a role in the process,” which “does not bode well for the potential of electronic cigarettes to seriously challenge the combustible tobacco market, and thus to save hundreds of thousands of lives.”

Siegel’s good-bad-and-ugly review of the proposed regs, which won’t be finalized until after a 75-day public-comment period, provides a useful way to comprehend their possible impacts.

  • RabbitNumber23

    & why’s it Siegel’s fuckin’ business what people want to do? Does he use a cell phone? Dangerous radiation! Dangerous secondhand radiation! Is he Jewish? Jews have a lengthy tradition of mutilating their male offspring’s genitals at birth! Better prohibit that! Better prohibit everything!

  • William

    Nice hate speech you bigot. Plus, I don’t even think you understood the article. Siegel is in favor of stopping the regulation on e-cigarretes since his goal is to limit the impact of regular cigarettes and he favors not making decisions on things until there is real science involved.

  • RabbotNumber23

    Right. He’s a control freak who wants MORE, MORE, MORE regulation!

  • RabbitNumber23

    Right, he’s a control freak who wants MORE MORE MORE regulation! Who the fuck died & made him King, I wonder. Incidentally, I’m half Jewish.