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Local zines: Rigor Mortis

January 7, 2009

I just finished the World War Z audiobook I got for Christmas, and caught up with the latest issue of The Walking Dead, so I’m pretty psyched for the debut of Rigor Mortis, a new local zombie zine from Davida Gypsy Breier, who garnered a City Paper Best Zine award 2003 for Leeking Ink and Best Local Zinester way back in the summer 2000. Looks like a chance to use the other Christmas present–an Atomic Books gift certificate.

Thanks to William Tandy and his near constant stream of e-mail updates from Eight Stone Press for the news. Tandy and his Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore zine also sponsor an open-mic night at Baltimore Chop Books Jan. 12.

That pretty much exhausts my product placement and zombie-related blog post allotments for this month. Any editors referring to this correspondent as a zombie geek will find themselves barred from my fortified compound when the shit goes down.

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