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Baltimore NOT Among the 25 Best Places to Be a Filmmaker

February 24, 2009

. . . at least according to indie-filmmaker magazine Movie Maker. For its ninth-annual survey, the MM staff looked at quality of life issues (affordability, crime, etc.), filmmaker friendliness (film schools, festivals, crew, days of production, etc.), and government filming incentives (an area where in recent years Maryland has been surpassed by other states), and came up with its list. At the top: Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. The rest of the top 25 includes cities you might expect (Austin; Portland, Or.) and cities you might not (Wichita?). Baltimore is relegated to an honorable mention along with Lexington, Ky., Portsmouth, N.H., and Sheridan, Wy. It’s an honor just to be nominated, we suppose.

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