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Guide to the Government Shutdown

October 1, 2013

1379748_10151784380533551_1450471795_nAs you may have heard, the federal government began to shut down today. It’s more revolting than we could possibly have imagined, as today’s Daily News cover implies with John Boehner’s shit-stained hands. Among the many things making us angry today are the headlines that describe the situation as one of gridlock, where the two parties just can’t sit down and compromise.


(If you’ve already had your fill of angry rants over the shutdown, feel free to skip the following paragraph.)

Make no mistake: Thousands of people are not receiving paychecks and millions more are without crucial government services because one party, the Republican one, has decided to hold the country hostage because they don’t like the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, an act that passed both houses of Congress, was signed by the president, and was challenged and upheld by the Supreme Court (how’s that for checks and balances?). Just last year, President Obama won an election in which he promised to implement Obamacare over a candidate who promised to repeal it. But Republicans have refused to allow the government to function unless Democrats de-fund or delay Obamacare, and because they won’t do so, Republicans say Democrats are “unwilling to compromise.” It is shameful and absurdly anti-democratic.

But anyway. We do the best we can.

Yesterday, we told you about changes to the MARC train schedule, local offices, that are closed, and the Sixth and I synagogue’s “Shutdown Central.”

Here are some more potentially helpful or fun links to get you through the day:

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If you still need some steadying after that, remember what Baltimore’s native son David Byrne had to say:

  • kitty

    1. I would love for Mr. Boehner to try and get individual health coverage at his on his own without the Affordable Care Act, and see if he enjoys the price and/or being refused.
    2. My health insurance that I purchase on my own dropped me starting Jan 1 because they could not “reach an agreement” with Maryland, and Republicans want to try and stop this, again. Ridiculous!

    3. So selfish and nearsighted of the Repubs, so stomach turning, I need them to actually get kicked the fuck out of office and try to go find jobs in this free/limited market where I have had to work as an Independent Contractor for years since the economy tanked.
    They need a reality check!

  • StopTalkingAboutIt

    Wow! there is a first for everything, First time we elected a women Governor, First person of color to be elected to the Senate, First woman Secretary of State, the first person of color elected twice to the highest office of the U.S., the first time we had a Healthcare law, first time the Republican party purposely block appropriation bills to fund various government departments -leaving the government vulnerable to full shut-down and the first in America’s history the entire government was force to shut-down because one party used the funding of the government as a means to defund a passed law.