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At Morales trial, Feds claim he ordered more murders

October 4, 2013

moralesIn federal court in Greenbelt the trial of Jose Morales, charged with arranging the contract murder of Robert Long, is ongoing (see this week’s cover feature for the full back story). During the trial, witnesses have stated, or have been asked about, other murders and attempted contract hits the prosecution is attributing to Morales—though he is not charged with these.

The following is a list of people Jose Morales is alleged to have either killed or ordered killed (so far):




Target/victim  / Date and manner of death /   Where was Jose? Why would he do it?

Robert Long March 24, 2008, gunshot Jose was nearby, according to feds. Long had turned against him in a state case.
Clyde “Junior” Lucas Feb. 18, 2011 unknown Jose was in federal penitentiary. Allegedly Junior knew too much about Long hit.
Mark Bartlett  Oct. 4, 2010, heart attack/drug related Jose was in federal penitentiary. Unknown why Bartlett, who helped convict the wrong guy for Long’s murder, would be targeted.
Terry Sadler   (alive) Jose was in federal penitentiary. Sadler was co-defendant in an in-prison drug case & also mother of one of his children.

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