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When fake IDs aren’t worth it

September 19, 2013

fake idLast October, a 1999 silver Acura with Virginia plates was stopped for speeding on I-95 North in Harford County, Md. The driver gave the trooper a New Jersey license that said he was Dajon C. Walsh, born in 1991, but the trooper said the photograph didn’t look like him. So the guy pulled out another license – from his shoe! This one was issued by South Carolina, and said he was Jason Dwayne Lemmon, born in 1973 – fully 18 years older than indicated by the New Jersey license.

Whoops. Needless to say, this did not end well.

Lemmon, according to court records, quickly ‘fessed up. He told the trooper he was on probation in Virginia and wasn’t supposed to be leaving the Old Dominion at all, but was on his way to a funeral in New Jersey.

After the trooper got Lemmon’s permission to search the car, and found in a plastic bag in the trunk nearly $80,000 in cash, bundled with rubber bands, Lemmon changed his story. At first he claimed complete ignorance of the cash, but eventually he cracked, saying he was from Lynchburg, Va., and was being paid $700 to transport the cash to New Jersey.

If that first license Lemmon handed over had been legit, he may have gotten off with a simple speeding ticket. Instead, thanks to pulling his actual license out second – from inside his shoe – his people are out nearly $80,000, he’s out $700, and he’s caught violating parole. Ouch.