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September 20, 2013

IMG_0556Okay, so last night the Best of Baltimore party was kind of a blur. The last time we saw Besty™, our Best of Baltimore mascot, the party animal was having a good time. Then the vodka and the gin kicked in and we started seeing, like wizards and squids and stuff, and we kinda lost track of Besty™.

Needless to say, we here at CP HQ have been worried sick. Then, this afternoon, an envelope marked “IMPORTANT NOTICE!” arrived under the front door. Inside was a picture of Besty™, a little crumpled, and a letter. Here’s what it said:

This letter is to inform you that we have kidnapped your CP mascot. However, there’s no need to worry, he will be safe in our possession. We will safely return Mr. City Paper Mascot after 30 days of partying……

First off, THE NAME IS BESTY™! We’re still considering our options in response to this development. In the mean time, we’d like to offer the Besty™-nappers Besty™’s hands and feet, so at least Besty™ can be whole.

  • William Bond

    I saw — Saw — BESTY — loading grawlers at Alonzo’s about 5:30 today while eating an egg-laden hang-over cheeseburger, half of which was all over the front of the poor news stand…

    Really…? That news stand looked like shit! Further, he/she was a bitch about it — whatever my stepdaughter says — but, damn — nearly slapped that news stand…

    Can you guys come to the rescue… Cold Spring Lane area. Clue: flashing neon yella’