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Summer of the Gun: The Activists

August 6, 2013
Fed up with the high rate of summer gun violence, neighborhood activist and founder of COR Fitness Munir Bahar organized the first 300 Man March on July 3 where he estimates 700 men walked the entire 10-mile length of North Avenue. On August 2, almost a month later, this second walk was organized through parts of the Belair-Edison and Gardenville communities. About 50 men showed up to protest and march against gun violence. The night before, a man was shot and killed in the 6400 block of Belair Road.

300 man march 1

A young man attended the 300 Man March on August 3 with his father. The men assembled at the corner of Belair Road and Frankford Avenue for a four-hour walk through the surrounding neighborhoods.

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