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The #1 way D.C. is worse than Baltimore

August 6, 2013

photo(15)Sure, the sale of the Post is the big news. But last night we discovered another “media” outlet in Washington, D.C. that has reached a heretofore unknown plane of smug stupidity that embodies what is worst about white Washington.

The utterly unremarkable website tried to generate traffic with their listicle “10 reasons DC is OH SO MUCH BETTER than Baltimore.”

The listicle is entirely predictable–see recent stories from the Washington Post about rats and parking to get a literate version of its hieroglyphic rant (and our responses)–that we won’t even bother to respond to its claims. Instead, we’ll offer one reason why Baltimore is  superior to Washington, D.C.: We don’t have a thrillist website or the kind of superior douchebags who can afford to pay three times as much rent and four times as much for a beer and crow about it as if it makes them special.