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Meth-extorting Outlaws Motorcycle Club warlock goes on the lam in Baltimore

August 13, 2013

Outlaws logoThe “warlock,” or enforcer, of the Philadelphia chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, a 43-year-old Baltimore man named Michael James “Maniac” Privett of Baltimore, is on the lam from the law, according to court documents filed in federal court in Philadelphia, where in May he pleaded guilty to extortion for his part in a methamphetamine conspiracy investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

While awaiting his sentencing hearing, which was recently postponed from Aug. 6 to Dec. 11, Privett was on supervised release at his home at 6600 Gary Ave. in the O’Donnell Heights/Graceland Park area of East Baltimore. But on Aug. 6, court records show, Privett’s Maryland pre-trial services officer, Todd Stokes, contacted his counterpart in Philadelphia, Phillip Harris, to say Privett’s whereabouts were unknown.

Stokes explained that he had “received a frantic phone call from the defendant’s fiancé, Maxine Radloff,” who said Privett “stole her vehicle and assaulted her” on Aug. 3, and “was charged with second degree assault, theft ($1,000 – $10,000), motor vehicle/unlawful taken, and unauthorized removal of property,” court documents state. Radloff also said “her car was found near her home, however, the transmission was removed,” adding that “she is concerned” for Privett’s “safety, and stated she believes he is using crack cocaine.”

Stokes, the court document states, said he’d “had no contact with the defendant since July 23,” when “a home visit was conducted” and “no issues or problems” were noted, while two urine specimens had “tested negative for illegal substances.”

Stoke’s information prompted Harris to ask Petrese Tucker, the chief U.S. District judge of Pennsylvania’s Eastern District, to revoke Privett’s bail and issue a warrant for his arrest, which she did on Aug. 7, court records show. Privett’s attorney, Jeff Lindy, today confirmed this in a phone conversation with City Paper, saying his client is currently a fugitive from a warrant and that his pre-trial release is revoked until he’s in custody and can appear for a hearing before the judge.

Maryland online court records do not, as of today, reflect any new state criminal charges against Privett, who has asserted in court documents that he worked as a “pile driver” on the Chesapeake Bay before his arrest on the Philly charges. Court records show he is scheduled to appear today in Maryland District Court on North Ave. for a final hearing on a domestic-violence restraining order – a case which Radloff had told Stokes about, according to court documents, saying she’d requested the restraining order.

Privett’s co-defendant in the meth case in Philadelphia is another Maryland man, Ronald L. “Bugs” Sells of Churchville, who was described as the president of the Outlaws’ Philly chapter. Sells also has pleaded guilty in the case, which was followed in April with another indictment charging two more Philly Outlaws – Marylander Robert Mansfield and Joseph “Timber” Malcolm – for their involvement in the meth-dealing scheme. The federal prosecutor on the two cases, Robert Livermore, filed documents stating that Mansfield “apparently lives in Baltimore,” where is he “a significant drug trafficker” and serves as the Philly Outlaws’ “main supplier,” telling the club he “could obtain unlimited quantities of pure methamphetamine directly from a Mexican cartel.”


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