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Fleet Street Kitchen broadens menu, adding cheaper and gluten-free options

August 26, 2013

fleetThe Bagby Restaurant Group announced that starting today, their Flagship restaurant, Fleet Street Kitchen, will broaden their menu options significantly.

The expansion is a multi-layered attack; offering their tasting menu as three, five, and seven courses (it is currently only available in five courses), making the tasting menus available in vegetarian form and lastly creating a separate new gluten-free menu. Asked if offering a three course tasting menu was a ploy to open the restaurant up to customers who might feel as if the Harbor East restaurant was out of their price range, David Seel, The Bagby Restaurant Group’s Director of Public relations offered that, “The three course tasting menu does give people an affordable option when dining at our restaurant, but the real reason we’re expanding our tasting menus is to highlight the week to week seasonality and creativity of Chef Amendola.”

Between the local produce that comes in from Cunningham Farms (owned by The Bagby Group) and the ingredients that are foraged by Chef Amendola in his downtime (Yes, he forages for food in his downtime), FSK feels that they can create a new menu weekly to compliment the regular menu that they offer seasonally.

The gluten-free menu has been created for those who have allergies to gluten and would like to have a nice dinner out on the town. FSK only gets 1-3 requests for gluten-free a week, but they thought it was important enough to accommodate this ever-growing group of diners. When asked if they offered a gluten-free menu that was all vegetarian, Seel said that “While Chef Amendola hasn’t specifically mentioned a gluten-free, vegetarian menu, he is very accommodating to any special requests, especially vegetarian requests.”