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Dan McIntosh’s fugitive co-defendants in massive pot conspiracy picked up in British Columbia

August 10, 2013

nickaBaltimore Crime today linked to an article posted this morning by The Province, an online news site in British Columbia, reporting that Matt Nicka (pictured) and Gretchen Peterson, longtime fugitives from a pot-conspiracy indictment in Maryland federal court, were arrested by Canadian authorities on Aug. 5. Canadian Border Services Agency officers arrested the two at a ferry terminal near Vancouver, the Point reported, and earlier, on June 26, Nicka had fled the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) after an officer “had identified him” at “a coffee shop in Port Coquitlam,” adjacent to Coquitlam, where both reportedly had been residing.

Nicka’s June 26 sighting by the RCMP was followed on June 29 by a raid on their alleged residence, where “police found marijuana and equipment and ingredients commonly found in a meth lab,” the Province reported, adding that the two are “detained until their next appearance on Aug. 14” before Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.

U.S. prosecutors say Nicka, the lead defendant in a 16-member conspiracy case alleging a decade-long, $30-million, cross-country pot scheme, was a silent partner in the now-defunct Sonar nightclub in downtown Baltimore, which was run by co-owner Dan McIntosh, a co-defendant in the case. McIntosh, who also co-owned McCabe’s Tavern in Hampden, was found guilty last fall by a jury of many of the charges against him, and faces heavy penalties, including a possible life sentence.

Now that Nicka and Peterson are in Canadian custody, it appears likely that they’ll end up in the hands of U.S. authorities and have to answer to their federal charges in Maryland. Whether that means another trial in the case remains to be seen, but nearly every other defendant in the 16-defendant case pleaded guilty, with exception of McIntosh and Keegan Leahy, who was found guilty of participating in the conspiracy as an aircraft pilot. Two others, David D’Amico and Jeffrey Putney, remain fugitives.

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  • lord byron

    Is there any update on this clown show? Am I wrong to assume that they have been granted asylum in the great white north?