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“Unicycle Guy” Cary Gray heads off on record-setting trip

July 5, 2013

image17In March, Spitballin’ told you about Cary Gray, aka “The Unicycle Guy,” though, if you’ve been hanging around Baltimore long enough, you’ve probably seen the blur of his dirty-blond dreadlocks as he tears down our streets and around our parks on his fixed-gear one-wheeler.

Gray is about to head off on a potentially world-record-beating two-continent trip on his unicycle: The Guinness record for the longest unicycle trip in history stands at 9,126 miles. Gray aims to cover over 22,000, visiting every country in North and South America, 23 in all (follow the journey on his website). The 2011 MICA grad will be pedaling to raise funds and awareness for Greenpeace, Sy’s Fund, and the International Children’s Art Fund.

With his gear packed in custom panners (front and back instead of on the sides) and a special touring handlebar for relief, Gray has already taken a few long trips on his cycle – including a 1,080-mile ride to his hometown St. Louis. His record is 107 miles nonstop, and he’s also mastered off-road unicycling, hopping rocks and stumps – literally – on the one-wheeled vehicle. Gray has set aside a year and a half for the cross-country ride that will take a sharp southern turn into Latin America.

Dick’s Last Resort (621 East Pratt St.), where Gray works as a server, bids farewell this Sunday, hosting “One Wheel Two Continents” from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The festivities will benefit the Cool Kids campaign,a local nonprofit that provides kids who have cancer and their families a better quality of life as they face the challenges of the disease. And Gray isn’t above performing for the assembly: “I’ll probably do a few tricks and show off,” he says.