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Taharka Brothers nears Kickstarter goal for pink ice cream truck

July 15, 2013

758ca6a17179914cbc0b30334c179c68_largeTaharka Brothers Ice Cream is trying to rev up its “Bad Ass Vehicle for Change,” a refurbished food truck to take its ice cream with a mission to the streets. The Kickstarter campaign, launched on June 17 only has a couple more days to go (at last update, needed about $4,500 to meet the $28,000 goal by Wednesday). The ice cream company, which grew out of the Sylvan Beach Foundation and is now owned and operated exclusively by young, local African-American men, distributes to over 60 local locations and has a social mission – mainly to employ and empower young African-American men.

And, of course to make some awesome ice cream. Flavors like A Dream Preferred (toasted coconut, Haitian rhum, toffee and pop rocks) is a tribute to Langston Hughes’ love for penny candy. And Pryor Knowledge celebrates other “N” words (think Nutella, nutmeg, nuts and ‘nutter butter cookies). These flavors and more will be scooped out of the hot pink truck, if and when it gets moving. A $10 donation gets you a coupon for a treat. Don’t let the ambitious campaign melt like a rum raisin ice cream in the sun.

  • John Coombs

    Just buy the fuckin ice cream man