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New 98 Rock morning show with Justin Shlegel debuts, Amelia moves to afternoons

July 8, 2013

2013-05-22_300x25098 Rock’s new morning show, with former afternoon host Justin Shlegel (pictured) and holdovers from the old morning show Scott Reardon and Josh Spiegel, debuted this morning. Amelia Ryerse, who, until recently, co-hosted the morning show with Mickey Cuchiella (who announced his departure in an emotional video), is now the solo host of the afternoon drive-time show.

We only caught a few minutes of this morning’s debut session with “Justin, Scott & Spiegel,” but it definitely seemed more energetic than the morning show did during the waning days of Cuchiella’s tenure, when the host’s acknowledged depression seemed to weigh the show down.

In any case, the hosts have decidedly low expectations for the new format, according to this post on the website:

Monday: 1st Show . . . we fumble our way through it.

Tuesday: 2nd Show . . . we hope to still be on the air

Wednesday: 3rd show . . . by this day we guess hate mail would have reached the millions.

Thursday: 4th show . . . we will still be working . . . ?

Friday: 5th show . . .?