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Natty Boh ranks among worst cheap American beers

July 3, 2013

featureDeadspin has taken it upon itself to compile a list called 36 Cheap American Beers, Ranked. Natty Boh (note the locally-preferred abbreviated spelling, Deadspinners) ranked 29th. Here’s what they had to say:

29. National Bohemian. As one of the few Americans who’s never seen The Wire or flashed my tits at the Preakness, I’m largely shut out of the Baltimore conversation, but I HAVE had a Natty Bo, which qualifies me to say, Sure, I get it, hometown pride is nice sometimes. But you do know there are other beers, right?

As any beer aficionado – or anyone who’s had to endure a conversation with a beer aficionado – can tell you, Natty Boh is owned by G. Heileman Brewing Co. in Milwaukee and hasn’t been brewed locally for 13 years. A lot of beer lovers will tell you “hometown pride” in Natty Boh is misplaced (I’ve seen Baltimore Beer Week co-founder Joe Gold explode with rage on this topic), but I think it’s fair to say, Baltimore’s association with the brand goes beyond where it’s brewed. The logo, the history,  this and this and even this mean that Boh has become part of us.

But yeah, the beer kinda sucks.

  • DavesNotHereMan

    I think it tastes more like Hamm’s than High Life.

  • Melissa

    It hasnt been owns or made by Heilman since the 90s when my dad worked there. Its made in Georgia I believe by Pabst.