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Local conservative defends “Rain Tax” as “necessary”

July 22, 2013

2586953834_206e246f98_n-300x225Well-known local columnist Barry Rascovar, who appears regularly on WYPR and blogs at, has written a post defending the so-called “Rain Tax,” proposed by Governor O’Malley and passed by the State Legislature. “They are necessary expenses if we care about our environment,” he said of stormwater remediation fee, or “Rain Tax,” and Bay Restoration Fund. Here’s more:

“None of us like to pay taxes. That’s been true since the American Revolution — remember the original Tea Party in Boston and other colonial cities?

But delivering government services and preserving our valuable natural resources can’t be done for free.

In Baltimore County, the fee to deal with stormwater runoff pays for such services as street sweeping, storm drain cleaning, maintenance and improvements, shoreline stabilization, tree planting and reforestation, among other things.”

Republican Del. Pat McDonough of Baltimore County and others are unconvinced: McDonough leads a campaign called “Stop the Rain Tax,” and recently released a press release suggesting, “The ‘Rain Tax’ is creating a huge negative impact on the economy, jobs and rentals.”