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“Justice for Trayvon” protestors march on City Hall

July 15, 2013

trayvon rally-1Hundreds of people marched on City Hall tonight chanting “No justice, no peace” to protest Saturday’s acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, by a Sanford, Florida jury.

Police were out in force, having set up barricades around the east entrance to the building and staffed it with police from all districts. Around the corner was a truck from a special unit and further up the street a flight of four mounted police.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts showed up and chatted with city employees about the crowds he dealt with during his stint as chief of the Oakland, CA police as a protest leader spoke through a bullhorn about “young men being murdered by the police right here in Baltimore City.”

City police have killed 3 suspects so far this year and wounded 11, the last one in April.

Just before the protesters arrived, Second District City Councilman Brandon Scott left, saying that some of the protesters didn’t like what he had told them earlier. “I told them they should be just as mad about Darryl Anderson,” Scott said, referring to a fugitive that police called “public enemy number one” in a press conference last week.

Anderson is wanted in connection with at least one murder and several other violent incidents, according to police. Scott says he’d heard about another robbery the 25-year-old is suspected of.  “He’s gone buck wild,” Scott says.

While acknowledging that the Trayvon Martin case was a travesty of justice, Scott says that if he had seen more of the Trayvon protesters participating in the candlelight vigils that accompanied the city’s other murders, he would have more respect for their position.