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Conaway III sentenced in marijuana case

July 23, 2013

Conaways-vanThe Baltimore County pot-conspiracy probe that in December snared 21-year-old Frank Melvin Conaway, III, and his 24-year-old sister, Lacynda Ellaquinne Conaway – both children of Baltimore City state delegate Frank Conaway, Jr. (D-40th District) and grandchildren of the city’s elected clerk of the circuit court, Frank Conaway, Sr. – concluded July 9 with the sentencing of Conaway III, who pleaded guilty to two of the 15 counts with which he was charged.

For possession with intent to distribute pot, Conaway III received a three-year suspended sentence, a $355 fine, and three years of probation, and for “flee and elude,” he received a six-month suspended sentence and another three years of probation. Thus, for six years – the probation terms were stacked on top of one another – Conaway III is ordered to maintain “total abstinence from drugs and alcohol” and “submit to testing,” according to online court records.

Prosecutors declined to pursue Lacynda Conaway’s two counts of pot-possession. The cases against two others charged in the investigation – Jerry Michael Foreman and Laurence Evan Jones – were also adjudicated. Foreman, 55, pleaded not guilty and was given six months of unsupervised probation before judgment for possession of less than 10 grams of pot, and Jones, age 28, who faced the same charge, pleaded not guilty, was convicted, and got a 60-day suspended sentence and a year of probation.

The investigation began last November, when police received a tip about someone selling pot in Reisterstown who drove a silver Mercedes, and continued in late December with a search-warrant. On Dec. 27, as police prepared to raid the home where Conaway III was living, he walked out of it and drove off in a silver Mercedes, which he later abandoned as he ran on foot from the police in pursuit. After catching up with him and searching the vehicle, cash, a digital scale, and about $2,500 worth of pot were recovered. Searching the house turned up more weed, more cash, and the other three defendants.