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“Open alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted” at Pride Block Party: Have a great day!

June 15, 2013

proxyLast week, we reported on the controversy around “underage drinking and public urination” at Baltimore Pride’s Block Party. Well, as is often the case, these concerns about underage drinking have led to a general crackdown. This flyer is being distributed in Mt. Vernon today, as what was once Baltimore’s best day for outdoor drinking may be facing a turning point.

And what about other festivals? Is it discrimination to only worry about gay drinking? Will First Thursdays no longer permit open containers? Who knows, a baby may be slugging back some Jack. Better ruin it for everyone. How about Bookfest? Because the City Paper book swap would be hard to manage without a cold one.

Do we really want to have that kind of festival where we are more concerned with policing the behavior of adults than we are with having fun? As I said in an earlier post, the ability to tolerate public drinking is the sign of civilization. Baltimore today just got a little less civilized. I, for one, think this should not be tolerated.

NOTE: While this flier limits drinking in the “lot behind Eddie’s” which the GLCCB said last week was the center of City Cafe’s problems, both the GLCCB and MBVA have said they will be far stricter about outside alcohol. The lot, private property, was one of the central party spots. Limiting tail-gaiting there, for those who pay $40 to park, effectively helps limit all public drinking at the festival.


Thanks to @lizrawr for the photo.

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