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Chesapeake Restaurant open again

June 26, 2013

ChesA quarter century after the Chesapeake (1701 N. Charles St.) shut its doors, it is now open again thanks to the kind of partnership that is starting to define the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. The  Baltimore Development Corporation used its power to get the long-reluctant owner of the property to sell to Station North’s powerhouse developer Mike Schecter’s Station North Development Partners LLC, who were able to bring in the team behind Mt. Vernon’s Milk & Honey to open the restaurant.

Walking up to do some drinking in Station North last night, we couldn’t resist stopping in. At about 8 P.M., the long marble-topped bar was packed. Or almost packed. There was a seat in the center and we snagged it. The bar was cool against our arms and elegant but not fancy. They served the local Union beer, but it was hot and we were happy to see that they had cold Boh, which cost $3 and some change. Had we arrived a bit earlier, during happy hour, we could have had the Boh for $2, as well as “buck-a-shuck” oysters (only on Tuesdays the tender told us).

Above the bar was a sign reading “Be of Good Cheer” and everyone seemed to take the order to heart. We’ll be back for a full review (and see next week’s feature for a full story about developments in Station North), but for now, we were happy to have a cool marble bar to sit at and watch the world go by.