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Battle looms over plans for Fed Hill’s Crossbar Der Biergarten

June 19, 2013

7de9090ea3b679d7d072029aa94b5d66-300x300Federal Hill bar baron Brian McComas is planning to open “Crossbar Der Biergarten” in the old Turners. He’s also expanding the liquor license to two other buildings, 16 and 18 Cross Street, to bulk the total square footage. He says the new joint will hold 250-300 people and be just like Ryleigh’s–and that cuts both ways. People who like Ryleigh’s for a weekday beer and some good vittles say, great! This neighborhood needs a classy beer place. People who flee Ryleigh’s on Friday and Saturday nights as it morphs into DudeBro/WooGirl HQ say, WTF! Another megabar?!

Things were going to come to a head at the Liquor Board on July 18. But on a couple days ago word got out that the hearing was pulled forward to June 27. Anti-s are pissed. Their attempt to get the hearing postponed was denied. They smell conspiracy.

Much of this is now making the blind copy email rounds as Anti-s plot strategy. For those not in the loop, the bar plans got a Reddit thread a couple months back.  And McComas has been ginning up his own PR. Crossbar has 234 Twitter followers so far and its own Facebook page.

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