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Psst: Fleet Street Kitchen and Ten Ten Bistro offer secret menus Friday night

May 9, 2013

tenfleetFleet Street Kitchen and Ten Ten Bistro are trying to capture the clandestine vibe of a secret supper with their seasonal chefs menus this Friday night only. Both of the Bagby Group restaurants (both helmed by new chefs) will offer special prix fixe, three-course menus ($45 at FSK, $35 at Ten Ten) highlighting ingredients like ramps foraged from the woods near the owner’s farm, as well as pork loin from the happy pigs raised there. But the menu is only for those in the know, and won’t be offered to just anyone. You have to ask.

We got an early peek at the secret menus. Check ‘em out:

Fleet Street Kitchen Farmer’s Bounty Prix Fixe – $45

Ten Ten Farmer’s Bounty Prix Fixe – $35