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Open Space Update: Significant damage but “positive outlook”

May 3, 2013

Photo by @P_b1_The fire that roared through a building housing several auto shops as well as the Open Space Baltimore gallery and arts space and several apartments Tuesday night did significant damage, but residents are safe and grateful for all the support they’ve received.

Jasmine Sarp, an artist and CP designer who works with the thriving DIY arts incubator and  lives in the building, says that they are sorting through the damage and are optimistic about the future.

“Though it’s been tough, it’s been really amazing to see all the support that’s shown up to help out,” she says. “We are really grateful for the community we have around us. We’ll be meeting and talking about the future of Open Space through the weekend. We have a very positive outlook.”

Sarp’s apartment was on the side of the building that also housed the gallery and was left largely unscathed. “Everything just stinks like smoke,” she says. “The artwork in the gallery was ok too, but the gallery itself was pretty gross, filled with water and charred stuff.”

The other side of the building was harder hit.

“The music practice space / printing studio on the other side of the building from us was pretty toasted,” says Sarp. “Some music equipment was salvaged. A lot of screenprinting supplies and posters were lost. Some studios downstairs were also damaged. I didn’t walk around downstairs myself yet but from the roof you could see how crazy it looked, part of the building had caved in and beams were melted.”