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New J. Paul’s menu: Bourbon mojitos and ribeye egg rolls

May 16, 2013

SalmonJ. Paul’s, in a spot that may as well be a corner table on the Inner Harbor, recently launched a menu that continues in its seafood-heavy tradition, adding a few twists. As in, a Mojito made with bourbon and brown sugar. Kind of a Maryland club take on Brazilian decadence. Heavy noshers can start with a bucket of shellfish ($36) and gnaw their way through snow crab, mussels, shrimp and corn, sopping up the lemony brine with chewy baguette, or take the red meat route, with Philly rolls ($10), a twist on egg rolls – these stuffed with ribeye steak and caramelized onion, swimming in a peppery cheese-whizzy sauce. Newcomers also include the salmon ($22, pictured)  – grilled to a nice crusty finish and served on mashed potatoes slathered in a citrusy butter sauce.

There’s a good excuse to dine by the water while doing good on May 30: The summer patio party, $25 includes rail drinks, wine and cans of Natty Boh, plus some filling appetizers – with proceeds going to Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore. Information at