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Judge schedules two-month jury trial in BGF racketeering case, starting June 2014

May 15, 2013

Maryland U.S. District judge Ellen Hollander today issued a scheduling and discovery order in the Black Guerrilla Family prison-gang racketeering case that has caused a national sensation since the indictment was unsealed on Apr. 23, exposing anew Maryland’s longstanding problem of correctional corruption. The two-month jury trial, scheduled to start on June 9, 2014, will be preceded by many months of sharing evidence and arguing motions between the 25 defendants’ attorneys and federal prosecutors Robert Harding and Ayn Ducao. Hollander urged defense attorneys for the 13 indicted correctional officers “to form one group, and counsel for the inmates to form another group, and to collaborate with regard to the submission of joint motions,” so as to “avoid unnecessary duplication of motions.”

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