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CNN steals City Paper’s story—and headline

May 10, 2013

imageWe say CNN ripped us off. You be the judge.

On May 1, City Paper published this story, with the headline “Robocop: Retired city policeman takes refuge among droids,” about former city police officer Mark Haygood (pictured) who now makes robots out of old toys and alarm clocks and the like.

On May 10, the House of Blitzer ran this story, with the headline “The Real Robocop: Ex-policeman builds robot from household goods,” about, well, the same thing.

Now, Lord knows, we don’t own the rights to Mark Haygood’s story, but a mention and a link would have been nice. And as for the headline, well, we’ll just say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks Wolf!

UPDATE: It’s been called to our attention that the Afro had a story about Haygood that was published two weeks before ours (although our writer, Edward Ericson, Jr., heard about him independently and was unaware of the Afro story). So, maybe CNN ripped them off. For what it’s worth, we still had the headline first!