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Baltimore police officer charged in federal gun, drug, and identity-fraud case

May 31, 2013

Baltimore_Police_Department_logo_patch1The Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office distributed a criminal complaint today, filed in federal court against Ashley Roane, described in the court document as “an active duty uniformed Baltimore Police Officer assigned to patrol the Southwest District.”

Roane is charged with attempted possession with intent to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin; possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug-trafficking crime; and aggravated identity theft. Her alleged co-conspirator, Erica Hughes, is charged with aggravated identity theft.

The document says that on April 30, Roane, “while in uniform, armed with her service firearm, and in a marked BPD vehicle, provided protection” while a “Confidential Human Source” Roane believed was “a large-scale heroin trafficker in the Baltimore area” conducted what Roane believed was “a narcotics transaction involving a kilogram of heroin, and has agreed to provide such cover again in a further narcotics transaction.”Another heroin transaction, with Roane expected to provide cover, had been planned for May 28, the document says, adding that Roane was paid $500 for providing the protection.

In addition, Roane allegedly accepted $1,500 as payment for providing names, dates of birth, and social security numbers to an identity-theft scheme set up to file false tax returns in the names of people whose identifying information Roane obtained through law-enforcement databases.

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    Hope she gets exstorted in jail. I hate cops.