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More lit with Smartish Pace

April 12, 2013

So where is the CityLit Festival’s after-party? Well, it’s not an official after-part, but you might as well keep the lit going with Smartish Pace‘s Issue 19 reading and party. Ten bucks’ll get you beer, wine, a copy of the issue, and readings by Michael Collier, Aaron Belz, Joseph Capista,  Patricia Davis, Deborah Doolittle, Hayden Saunier and Amy Woolard–and a performance by the Great American Canyon Band. It kicks off at 7 P.M. at CopyCat Building, B301, 1501 Guilford Ave.

Smartish Pace is a nationally recognized poetry magazine out of Baltimore and, like CityLit Festival, it has a track of picking up on writers just before they win a big prize. So double your luck on Saturday with CityLit and then Smartish Pace.

(Disclosure: After doing a radio segment for the Signal on Stephen Reichert, the magazine’s editor, I was asked to write a couple words to introduce a limited edition of handmade covers fore the issue).

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