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Print’s not dead

March 10, 2013

Open Space’s fourth annual Publications and Multiples Fair at the D Center (16 W. North Ave.) features an astounding variety of printed matter—and makes a strong case for the importance of actual physical objects in the digital age.
On a visit yesterday, we picked up a hilarious, philosophical issue of Troubling Comics by Dale Beran—it features “The Raisins De’Etre in the Raisins’ Edge” where “a group of philosophically minded raisins who play jazz and solve mysteries”; a beautiful little book of short stories Los Angeles in January, by Danielle Neftin, published by Rock Bottom Press in an edition that recalls the old City Lights books; Guillotined, a delightful book by Alexander Cockburn featuring words or phrases that should be excised from the language (from Red Emma’s); Gary Kachadourian’s bad-ass Four 1/32nd Scale Scenarios, a free newspaper from sophiajacob with writing by Lola Pierson, one of my new favorites, and the new magazine Acres (published by CP designer Jasmine Sarp). I’d I’d had more money, I would have bought some Friends records, some of Eamon Espey’s comics, and a dozen other things. It’s on until 6:00 P.M. today.