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New project may revolutionize West Side of downtown

March 5, 2013

The new Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District could see something it has never seen before: drivers and pedestrians recognizing crosswalks.

The Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts (BOPA) and the new Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District have teamed up with the city’s Department of Transportation for a Crosswalk Project. According to a Request for Proposals issued today, the groups are looking for “distinctive artist-design that would be compliant with traffic and safety regulations. The project goal is to improve the pedestrian experience, give better definition to the district, and add an additional public art experience in the city’s third arts and entertainment district.”

We here at Baltimore most jaywalkingest weekly think this is a great idea, because if you’ve ever walked or driven around the streets in question–Eutaw and Fayette streets, Eutaw and Lombard streets, Howard and Lombard streets and Eutaw and Baltimore streets–it is clear that NO ONE even knows what a crosswalk is. At these corners in particular, pedestrians randomly step out into the road and drivers regularly ignore lights and almost run them over.

Maybe Gaia could paint some gory dead bodies flung throughout the street to get people to take pedestrians seriously; or perhaps the That Guy’s On Heroin website guy could apply–making the Lexington Lean as viral as the Harlem Shake. Whoever wins, we really would like to see crosswalks that might make people pay attention.  Deadline is April 1.

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