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IRS places lien on makers of Berger Cookies

March 21, 2013

While it was only discovered recently the makers of Baltimore’s iconic Berger Cookies were operating without a city license, the feds were nice enough to license the bakery years ago. DeBaufre Bakeries returned the favor by not paying all of its taxes, according to a report.

The Internal Revenue Service filed a notice of a federal tax lien on Feb. 22 for unpaid taxes totaling $108,591, some dating back to 2009, according to a report in the Baltimore Business Journal.

In late February, Berger became the talk of the city when the chocolate frosted cookies were pulled from shelves after the Baltimore City Health Department learned the bakery had been operating without a city license. Following an inspection by licensing officials, during which 20 non-critical violations were found, and filling out the necessary paperwork, Berger cookies returned to shelves.

Prior to that, the bakery had been operated with a federal license, which it possessed for a number of years. A routine inspection by the Food And Drug Administration led to an ongoing investigation, first reported by City Paper, the results of which are still not known.

Anthony T. Bartlett, the attorney for the DeBaufre family who served as spokesman throughout the interruption in cookie production, could not be immediately reached for comment regarding the lien.