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Postcard from Spring Training: The Yankees and Red Sox should be scared of us

February 28, 2013

(Orioles mega-fan and Section 8 mainstay Charlie Vascellaro reports from spring training in Sarasota)

I know it’s early, really early. It isn’t even March yet. But…I like the Orioles’ chances this year.

The Yankees and the Red Sox look vulnerable, especially the Yankees, and the Orioles look hungry. In a dream like sequence down here in Florida on Wednesday, the Orioles completed a day/night doubleheader sweep of their two most antagonistic rivals, out-slugging the Bronx Bombers in a 10-7 barn-burner at the Yankees Legends Field in Tampa by day and edging the Bean-eaters, 5-3 at home in Sarasota by night.

Saw lots of familiar faces from back home at both ballparks and in Dunedin, where we beat the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday.  Reserve outfielder Steve Pearce has been smacking the snot of the ball so far and infielder Ryan Flaherty’s been making the kind of plays that old shortstop in New York used to make. Can you say 5 and “Oh!” I know sometimes spring training records end up being inverse of what happens during the regular season, and I actually hope they lose a game or two soon for just that reason, but it still feels good.