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Jersey Shore cast-member to hammer final nail into Sonar’s coffin

February 14, 2013

Poor Wesley Case. The Sun’s arts and “culture” reporter had to write a straight-faced blog post today about how Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, one of the self proclaimed “juice head Guidos” from MTV’s Jersey Shore is supposed to be at Paparazzi–the new club in what used to be Sonar– tonight. And he didn’t get to say that the whole event makes Dan McIntosh’s  involvement in a pot-dealing conspiracy seem small. I mean, would you rather have a little–ok, a lot–of weed on the streets or the Jersey Shore guys running around in a club named after the second most annoying group of people in the world (Jersey Shore guys eking out first)? If this isn’t a case for legalization, I don’t know what is.

But alas, Ronnie’s first fist-pump will hammer the final nail in the coffin of a storied rock ‘n’ roll club.