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Men got “happy endings” at York Spa massage parlor, thanks to City Paper ads

January 23, 2013

Last summer’s prostitution raid on the York Spa at 2023 York Road in Timonium got scant media attention—it appears only Patch covered it. But thanks to a recent federal-court filing, the public can now know more about it—including the fact that, after being drawn to York Spa thanks to advertisements in City Paper, two men admitted getting hand-jobs there as part of their massage session. This practice is commonly known as a “happy ending.”

In addition to arresting two women from Flushing, NY, who are out on bail and scheduled for a March trial in Baltimore County court, the raid party on Aug. 22 seized $15,753 in cash. That money is now the subject of a federal forfeiture case, in which the government is seeking to keep the currency. According to the search-warrant affidavit supporting the raid, which was attached as an exhibit to the forfeiture filing, two men learned of York Spa from City Paper, and another found it thanks to Craigslist.

The first guy, identified only as “James” (the rest of his name is blacked out in the document), was interviewed last March by police, after they watched him leave York Spa, go to the nearby Dunkin Donuts, and then get into a Jimmy’s cab. James, who said it was his first visit to York Spa, which he learned about in a City Paper ad, described paying $50 for a half-hour massage from a bare-breasted woman who called herself “Lily.” After about 20 minutes of back-rubbing, Lily “proceeded to give him a hand job.” He lasted “a couple minutes,” and then Lily “took a hot towel and wiped the ejaculated sperm off of” James, who then gave her “a $20 tip and left the location.”

Police interviewed the second guy last June, after they watched him leave York Spa, get into his 1999 Jeep Wrangler, and drive off. His name is entirely blacked out in the search warrant, but he told essentially the same story as James—the differences being that it was his second visit to York Spa, that he heard of it on Craigslist, and that his services were provided by a young woman who called herself “Nana.”

The third guy, whose name also is entirely blacked out, drove a 2002 Chevrolet Suburban to and from York Spa before being stopped and interviewed by police last August. His story was essentially the same—first time there, learned of it by reading a City Paper ad, and his masseuse called herself “Lili.”

The key difference with the Suburban driver’s story, though, is that he tipped better—$40, not $20, like the prior two guys. Good to know this City Paper reader doesn’t skimp when his massages end happily.