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Big Boyz expands douchebaggery to tech world

January 15, 2013

It’s not often that the worlds of bail bonds and tech startups overlap, but they do in the Nochumowitz family, founders of Big Boyz Bail Bonds, of the ubiquitous pens, who have branched out as of late with a startup called BetaPunch. And the Nochumowitzes have brought their unique brand of asshole behavior to both industries.

In October, we reported that Ethan Nochumowitz was banned from Central Booking after he and other family members made racist and offensive comments to guards and rival bail bondsman Steven Stansbury, including asking Stansbury, who is African-American, if he wanted a banana, and making a reference to Trayvon Martin that a guard perceived as a threat.

We’ve since learned that Ross Nochumowitz, Ethan’s brother, and the one whose argument apparently led to all the ugliness above,  has launched a startup called BetaPunch, which offers user testing for other startups. You can see Ross pitch the company in the clip below.


Well, apparently, you can take the dick out of the bail bonds business… but he’s still a dick. Now Ross Nochumowitz is under fire in the startup world after publicly releasing the test results of prominent potential client Danielle Morrill. Morrill chronicles the ugly affair on her website, while other observers kept watching as Ross (or whoever controls the @BetaPunch twitter handle) digs an ever deeper and deeper hole with new depths of assholery.

Suffice it to say, we’ll keep watching. Something tells us this is a train wreck that keeps on crashing.

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