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Three of Dan McIntosh’s Pot-Conspiracy Co-Defendants Sentenced

December 11, 2012

Anthony Marcantoni, one of the founders of Ground Control jujitsu studio who had his own location in Owings Mills, was handed a 121-month prison sentence yesterday after pleading guilty for his part in the cross-country pot conspiracy involving former Sonar nightclub co-owner Daniel McIntosh and 14 others (“Risky Business,” Feature, Aug. 15). Marcantoni, 32, was also ordered to pay a $500,000 money judgment and “forfeit all property obtained as a result of drug trafficking,” according to a press release from the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Only McIntosh and a pilot, Keegan Leahy, opted to take the case to trial. Two of their co-defendants who cooperated with the government’s case and testified against them, Andrew Sharpeta and Ian Travis Minshall, have already been sentenced. Sharpeta, 37 and from Avondale, Pa., received 63 months in prison, while Minshall, 30 and from Baltimore, got four years. Sharpeta also forfeited $7,800 seized from him by investigators and received an order to pay a money judgment of $242,200, which is the amount he made off the scheme, according to court documents, while Minshall had to forfeit $25,000 in cash and had a money judgment levied against him for another $25,000.

McIntosh and Leahy were convicted by a jury of many of the charges against them (Mobtown Beat, Nov. 7). Both have filed motions for a new trial, citing alleged errors in the way it was conducted, including the exclusion of evidence they believe would have helped acquit them. Both are scheduled to be sentenced on April 1.

Yet to be sentenced, according to the press release, are: Joseph Spain, 68, of Cocoa Beach, Fla.; Adam Constantinides, 34, of Silver Spring, Md.; Sean Costello, 34, of Kaneohe, Hawaii; Ryan Forman, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Jeremiah Landsman, 32, of Owings Mills, Md.; and Michael Phillips, 39, of Coatsville, Pa. City Paper previously sketched out the facts to which they, and others, admitted as to their roles in the scheme (“Judgment Day,” Mobtown Beat, Nov. 14). Four co-defendants – accused top conspirator Matt Nicka, along with David D’Amico, Gretchen Peterson, and Jeffrey Putney – remain fugitives.

(Illustration By Noah Patrick Pfarr)

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