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Stripper-Murder Drug Trial Starts As Prosecutors Reveal Victim Had Been Dating a Cop

November 9, 2012

Two days prior to the Nov. 7 start of the federal racketeering trial of the alleged drug conspiracy accused of murdering a Club Pussy Cat stripper (“Laid Bare,” Mobtown Beat, Oct. 3), co-defendant Donta Baker pleaded guilty, leaving only Tyrone Johniken to take the case before a jury. The other two members of the so-called “McCants-Baker organization” – Gary Thenor Cromartie and Monica McCants – had pleaded guilty earlier (Mobtown Beat, Nov. 7).

Meanwhile, on Nov. 5 prosecutors filed a motion that included the revelation that Gammon “had an intimate relationship with an individual whom others knew to be a law enforcement officer” who “subsequently raided the organization’s ‘trap house’” – the place, which Gammon was in the uncommon position of knowing its location, where they stored drugs – “and stopped members of the organization.”

The identity of the law enforcer who was sleeping with Gammon was not revealed in the motion. But the fact that Gammon was dating a cop who was involved in investigating the McCants-Baker organization supports part of the government’s theory of the case – that the defendants not only knew Gammon owed them drug money, but also believed she was a snitch, and so she was killed.

Prosecutors had also sought the arrest of a missing material witness in the case – Cheryl Haywood, who was dating Baker when the alleged crimes took place. Haywood was arrested on Nov. 2, court records show, and is therefore available to take the stand if prosecutors choose to have her testify.

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