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Jury Doody Time

November 1, 2012

A correspondent had Jury Duty on Halloween, the first day the courts reopened after Suuuuprstorm Sandy . . . Sandy . . . sandy. She tried to find out what the situation was by calling the court jury duty line. She found it had not been updated since Monday.

“The Circuit Court is definitely open today — no closing notice,” our dutiful citizen wrote City Paper in an email early Wednesday morning. “But the Jury Service website  and phone line still feature the information for Monday the 29th.

“Do they intend to just turn away any juror who shows up this morning?

So much for the new and improved system…….”

A few minutes later, an update email: “Courthouse supposed to open at 7:30 am for jurors, but Jury Commissioner office not open until 8:30 am. Looks like I’ll be heading downtown to see what’s what.”

Later . . .

“So I get there and the staff are all acting as if everything is normal. At 8:45 or so they make the announcement, to those already present, that today they are taking numbers 4000-5300.

“I think they had about 10% turnout.  People I spoke with said they showed up in spite of the lack of info, because they were afraid of getting a $1000 fine if they didn’t.

“They had 85 people in the range of 4300-5229, I know that.”

The inevitable kicker:

“ps:  And they took out the pay phone in the jury room. This is the new and improved Jury Service.”

(Here’s the site, updated 4:31 p.m. on 10/31.)