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Report on Sandy from Fells Point

October 29, 2012

After all the sandbags are filled and stacked in place and the pre-Sandy shopping’s done, there’s not much left to do in Fells Point except try to find a bar to hunker down in. Sadly, there’s only one I could find, at least in the cobblestones – Kooper’s – but the manager told me the generator’s ready, should the power go out, and food’ll be served all night. Earlier today, I ducked into John Stevens, since one of its doors was unlocked and unsandbagged, and found the owner highly exercised about Gov. Martin O’Malley’s announcement that the storm’s a “killer,” that essentially the state’s grand poobah announced that someone’s gonna die in this crazy storm, so everybody’s gonna stay home – so, no, John Stevens wouldn’t be opening. Earlier today, BGE trucks lined a block of Broadway, and a military-police Hummer, replete with a skull stencil on its side door and a gun turret on its roof, was stationed at the foot of Broadway, along with the ubiquitous news trucks – and Jimmy’s was open for breakfast, as always. So far, no flooding, just a bunch of twigs and small branches blown onto the empty streets. The worst, though, as I understand it, is going to hit after dark tonight and before morning, so I may wake up to an entirely different scenario in the morning.


Update: Blarney Stone is also open.

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