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Baltimore Register of Wills Audit Finds Convict

October 22, 2012

A State audit of Baltimore City Register of Wills Mary Conaway found the typical time sheet shenanigans (a couple of part time janitors were transformed into full time–more pay plus retirement bennies). But the real eyebrow raiser was this one, and we quote:

An individual currently performing supervisory duties did not accurately report
certain information on the employment application when hired originally for a
clerical position. Specifically, this individual indicated on the State employment
application that the employee did not have a felony conviction record, even
though the individual was previously convicted of felony theft and was ordered to
pay restitution totaling more than $100,000. Additionally, the social security
number on the employment application did not agree to the number on file with
the U.S. Social Security Administration, according to the State’s Central Payroll
Bureau. The social security number also differed from that on file with the State
agency responsible for collecting the delinquent court-ordered restitution,
impacting the collectability of the restitution through wage garnishment and tax
refund offset.

As usual, no names, please. Here’s a link to the full 16 page audit (PDF). We’ll make some calls.