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Curtis Bay Incinerator Controversy Heats Up

September 5, 2012

Looks like Fern Shen of the Baltimore Brew was the only reporter at last Thursday’s Public Utilities Commission hearing about the trash-burning incinerator planned for Fairfield. She writes:

“Under the permit, the plant would be allowed to burn 4,000 tons of material including ground-up tires, wood waste and shredded auto waste (vinyl, plastic and metal.)”

The plant would extend the life of local landfills but pull imported trash from far away to fuel its burners. Under the proposed permit it would be allowed to spew out 1,000 pounds of lead annually under its permit, and 240 pounds of mercury, along with fine particles of other pollutants.

Governor Martin O’Malley paved the way last year for the incinerator–and others like it–to be considered “Tier One Renewable Energy” sources, comparable to solar panels and wind-driven turbines. This means state incentives.

Folks who live down there, and environmentalists, are not in favor.

Plant builder Energy Answers has quite a story to tell.

Trash as renewable (“green”) energy? What a country!