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Coffee Cuppings at Woodberry Kitchen

March 16, 2012

Every Friday morning at 10:00 a.m., Timothy Anderson, Woodberry Kitchen’s resident barista, and fellow barista Jade Sterle guide coffee geeks and wannabes through the fine art of coffee cupping. “If you’re looking to geek out with people over coffee that’s what we do,” Anderson says. Similar to a wine tasting, and only slightly less intoxicating, participants taste and smell three different coffees at various stages, from grind to break to brew, with Anderson and Sterle demonstrating the proper way to “slurp” (yes, that’s a technical term) and evaluate qualities like brightness and body.

It’s serious business done in an eminently approachable way. And it’s free. Go forth and slurp. 2010 Clipper Park Rd., (410) 464-8000,

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