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Microscopic Beauty: Snowflakes Get a Closeup

December 28, 2010

As the East Coast’s Christmas blizzard died down Monday, Wired released these shots of snowflakes under an electron microscope, courtesy of Belstville’s Agricultural Research Center. There are snowflakes in 3D, snowflakes at different temperatures, snowflakes in various crystallization states, and snowflakes coated with their own tiny versions of frost.

Sure, an evergreen gently draped in white is beautiful. Christmas lights have a kind of ethereal twinkle beneath a layer of snow dust. And your car packed in solid behind a formidable frozen wall, leaving you stuck cozy in your warm, cheery house, carries its own kind of delicious elegance. But these photos reveal another world entirely, a bewitching, mathematical allure that can’t help but you make wonder who or what was smart enough to create such a tiny masterpiece. Look, ponder, and enjoy.

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